December 19, 2018  
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Sector A: Driver and Vehicle

The main objectives of this department are all issues relating to driver-vehicle behaviour and the design of applications which enhance their performance and generally any research activities that relate to the driver-vehicle system.

  • Some indicative research activities are:
  • Vehicle telematics applications ("intelligent" vehicle)
  • Advanced fuel technologies ("clean" vehicle)
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)
  • Drivers and Driver Instructors training
  • Advanced Driving and Vehicle Emulation Systems
  • Disabled Drivers assistance systems
  • Road Safety (from the driver-vehicle system perspective)

Project Sector A is divided in the following sub-sectors:

  • Sub-sector Α1: Vehicle (emulatiors, ADAS Vehicle, VR)
  • Sub-Sector Α2: Vehicle technologies (clean vehicles, intelligent vehicle)
  • Sub-Sector Α3: Education and Training

Sector B: Infrastructure and Demand

Sector B deals with matters relating to Planning, Design, Management and Operation of the Infrastucture-Traffic system. It also deals with the Transport "demand" and the assessment of the overall Transport System, both as a whole and on a sub-system basis (modes of transport).

Some indicative research activities are:

  • Development and Management of Transport Planning processes on National and Regional levels
  • Analysis, Design and Data collection on Transport and Traffic related data
  • Telematic Applications and advanced technologies
  • Infrastructure ("intelligent" roads)
  • Transport Policy issues
  • Transport Systems Management and Operational issues
  • Financial and Technical evaluations of Transport projects
  • Transport Safety (Policies and Statistics)
  • Other Transport related fields (e.g. enviromnent, energy)
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